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Time Management Software

Whyze WebTMS is a web-based software that automates OT, shift and lateness calculation. It serves as a bridge between your attendance tracking hardware and your payroll software, ensuring seamless automation of your HR & Payroll processes.


Eradicate Buddy Punching with Fingerprint Time Clocks
- Reliable and accurate biometric devices
- Auto poll employees clock-in/out details from time clock(s)
- Support most major time clocks with our flexible upload file format

Convenient – Fully Web Based
- Accessible 24/7, anytime and anywhere
- Manage attendance and manpower planning at different locations
- Unlimited users with different roles access (Administrator, Supervisor and Employee)

Automate Lateness, OT, Shift & Allowances
- Multiple overtime rates can be calculated per day
- Auto assign allowance and/or deduction based on attendance records
- Reduce administrative efforts spent on tabulating and calculating hours worked in each day

Easy Scheduling
- Unlimited shifts creation and labeling of shifts’ names by retail outlets or locations
- Allow Managers and Supervisors to plan employees’ schedule online
- Allow importing of schedule plan directly from MS Excel

Comprehensive Reports
- Manager’s dashboard enables easy monitoring of absenteeism, lateness, OT, early clock out and OT approval status
- Reports fully exportable to MS Excel
- Click here for sample reports

Integrate with Major Payroll Softwware
- Synchronize with major payroll software information on new Hire and Leave records
- Synchronize OT, shift allowances and other pay elements

OT Approval Module
- Support up to 2 levels of approval
- Approved records will be Locked to prevent accidental changes of OT hours

Project Costing Module
- Auto tabulate total hours worked by each employee at each project site
- Control manpower costs with instant visibility on expenditure