HR System Services

Data Migration
For new customers, we provide data migration services from your current in house or legacy systems via Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets.

Implementation & Configuration Services
As part of the initial service, we provide implementation & configuration services for all new customers. Based on your unique requirements, Utilities are hassle-free and made ready to be used with our consultants setting up the necessary templates for you.

Customer News Alert
We provide e-newsletter to all users. It covers timely and relevant updates on tax, compliance and regulatory issues, application matters pertaining to users and other related advisories.

Training & Workshops
User training and workshops are comprehensive, with programs available for users at all levels.

Remote Access
We are able to trouble-shoot specific technical errors or guide user directly from user’s view via remote support helpdesk.

Onsite visits
Our support team can be on-site to resolve technical issues to augment our remote access trouble-shooting.