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Cloud-based Solution

Multiple companies and consolidated reports

Access your data anywhere, 24/7

Seamless updates on government related changes

Allow to customize reports and format of data entry

Online tutor for new payroll and HR practitioners 

  • Overview
  • Basic HR
  • Payroll
  • Leave
  • Claim
  • Employee Self-Service
  • Bundled Modules
  • Time Management
  • Web Appraisal
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WhyzeHR Overview

WhyzeHR is a HR and payroll solutions for Singapore businesses. Developed with advanced internet security technologies to deliver both reliability and flexibility to HR in various industries.

Key Strengths

  • Seamless updates on government related changes
  • Allow users to customize reports and format of data entry
  • Online tutor for new payroll and HR practitioners
  • Multiple companies and consolidated reports



Accessible anytime anywhere

With WhyzeHR, you get to increase work productivity with internet and mobile technologies. This means better visibility of HR information and greater flexibility on work arrangement.

  • Windows, Mac, IOS and Android operating systems
  • Able to work outside of office environment
  • No installation and no dongle control
  • No need for server or powerful computers



Reliability and Security

WhyzeHR advanced internet security technologies ensure that your HR information is safe from unauthorized personnel and fraudulent access.

  • Peace of mind with IT
  • Automatic schedule backup
  • High security data centre
  • Secured SSL encryption, firewall and protection against malware/virus


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Basic HR

Basic HR

Centralized platform
Centralize personal file containing employees’ particulars, employment history, appraisal records, training records, training certificates, vaccination details and other HR data. 

Save time in handling surveys and queries from local government agencies
Ready to use report and analysis for employee demographics, quarterly statistics and nationality ratio. Breeze through ad-hoc queries with easy to use column chooser and user custom queries. 

Generate HR letters
System generates professional HR Letters such as Employment Letter, Confirmation Letter, Promotion Letter, Acceptance of Resignation Letter and other customizable letters. Flexible for HR send letters to employees via system automated bulk email or via Employee Self-Service portal. 

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Payroll Module

Streamline your payroll process in your own way
Flexibility in adding new pay items, processing ad-hoc payroll runs or grouping employees with similar payroll policies to enhance efficiency with payroll processing.

ePayslips & eIR8A
Choose how you want to distribute payslip to employees via web login, direct email devery and even pre-sealed perforated dot-matrix envelope. Store up to 5 years of payslips history. 

Easy payroll submission
Auto-generate files for CPF submissions, NS Makeu-up Pay and bank disk for GIRO via major banks.

Integrated Income tax submission
Direct submission to IRAS on employees' income tax return. Support IR8A, Appendix 8A, Appendix 8B, IR8S and IR21.

Leave the statutory compliance to us 
Be assured of continuous support and compliance to statutory requirements from us via newsletters and software updates. Support Singapore and Malaysia payroll compliance. 

Comprehensive library of reports 
More than 100 different reports for different business needs and statutory surveys. You can further customize your own payroll report layout without need for programming. 

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Leave Module

Ready to use leave policy template
Template leave settings ensure that your company has all the correct leave benefits required by statutory board.

Flexible leave policies
Create your own leave types, leave schemes, multiple work week calendars and allocation based on detailed entitlement tables. Support different leave types sharing the same capping.

Powerful leave management tools
Assign mandatory notice period for certain leave applications. Configure your advance leave entitlement, carry forward expiry, proration for new hire and terminating employees, filter by gender and more.

Support regional leave administration
Automatically updated with public holidays in different regions including Singapore, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Myanmar, Netherlands, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Thailand, UK, USA, Vietnam and many others. Administrators have the rights to admend or create your own public holidays calendar too. 

Automatic reminder for HR
Remind HR to submit claims for government paid leave such as maternity, paternity and childcare leave. 

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Claim Module

Enable flexible benefits scheme and multiple claims benefit policies
Support co-payment, shared capping for a group of benefits and varying claim policies with capping by day, month(s) and year(s) for each claim type.

Claims can be linked to reimbursements, entitlements or expense report
Suitable for medical claim, transport claim, training claim, project expense claim, oversea trip claim, claim per diem and even claims with bi-yearly entitlement.

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Employee Self-Service

Employee Self-Service

Reduce manual paper process
Employee Self-Service system for employees to manage leave, claim, payslip and tax form. It is a tool for HR to reduce manual paper process, increase productivity and promote employee engagement.  

Facilitate workplace productivity with plan leave and shared leave calendar
Allow employees to better coordinate leave application through plan leave application and shared calendar among related co-workers.

Custom approval workflow for leave and claim
Determine your approver manager(s) and approval workflow by company, leave/claim type, department and even specific emplopyee.

Easy to use Mobile App
Whyze ESS is a mobile app on Android and iOS. User friendly for both employees and approvers.

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Bundled Modules

Import Setup

Reduce data entry by importing from excel
Flexibility to import from excel variable allowances, bonus amount, leave adjustments, claim adjustments, benefits-in-kind, and even employees' HR data. 


Alerts & Notifications

Promote efficiency
Track critical dates such as new join reporting, confirmation due, employees' birthday, work pass expiry, training certificate expiry, appraisal review date and any custom dates. 


Admin & Access Control

Safeguard Confidentially with latest technology
Secure internet technologies prevents malicious access to your confidential HR and payroll data. Define the access rights of your sub Administrator by functions and employee groupings. 

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Time Management

Time Management

Automate attendance taking
Track employees' working hours with reliable biometric devices or web check-in. Enhance visibility of employees' attendance and even HR costing at multiple locations.

Calculate attendance automatically for payroll
Automate processing of overtime, lateness, shift allowance, and other attendance incentive for payroll.

Plan shift schedule
Allow supervisor to plan daily shift schedule with flexible ad-hoc changes to meet operation demands. Able to set fixed working hours pattern for employees not working on rotating shift.

Automatic email on daily attendance
Push notification to the respective supervisors helps you to make quick decison on staff deployment at multiple locations. Highlight employees who are late, absent, early clock out and forgot to clock out. 

Allow supervisor to verify attendance anytime anywhere
Convenient for supervisor to verify attendance of their subordinates. 

Support multiple types of attendance calculations for differnet groups of employees
Able to set up multiple policies on latenss, early out, overtime, overtime rate, break time, late from break, normal working hours and using overtime to offset lateness. Flexible for admin users to overwrite calculated working hours and indicate remarks for daily attendance. 

Capture attendance from mobile app with location tracking and biometric devices
Choose the most effective way for employees to take attendance. Mobile app with location tracking allows employees to indicate project and key in remarks. Biometric devices support fingerprint recognition, face recogntion and password access. 

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Web Appraisal

Web Appraisal 

HR performance management system
Made for HR department to automate performance appraisal and reducing inefficient manual appraisal forms. Can be used to conduct employee pulse survey and linking Customer's feedback to employees' performance. 

Easy to use Drag-and-drop form creator
Design your appraisal form without programming knowledge required. Preview your appraisal forms before sending out to staff.

Automatic calculation of various KPIs
Setup calculation methods that work for your organization. System supports average, summation and even different weightage for different sections. 

Eliminate paper appraisal forms and manual tabulation of results
Generate email appraisal forms based on your pre-defined schedule. System can forward the completed appraisal forms to the respective managers and consolidate the result for HR department. 


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Data Migration
For new customers, we provide data migration services from your current in house or legacy systems via Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets.

Implementation & Configuration Services
As part of the initial service, we provide implementation & configuration services for all new customers. Based on your unique requirements, functionalities are hassle-free and made ready to be used with our consultants setting up the necessary templates for you.

Customer News Alert
We provide e-newsletter to all users. It covers timely and relevant updates on tax, compliance and regulatory issues, application matters pertaining to users and other related advisories.

Training & Workshops
User training and workshops are comprehensive, with programs available for users at all levels.

Remote Access
We are able to trouble-shoot specific technical errors or guide user directly from user’s view via remote support helpdesk.

Onsite visits
Our support team can be on-site to resolve technical issues to augment our remote access trouble-shooting.

Payroll Outsourcing
Do not have time to keep up the accuracy of your payroll?
Let us take care of your payroll. We help you keep up with the ever changing local payroll legislation and ensure confidentiality. Now you can have peace of mind.

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