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An online, web-based employee self-service suite of solutions. It allows you to manage employees’ human resource matters within a company or organization-locally or internationally.

Modules available are:
  • ePortal Entry Point
    Employees are able to update personnel data such as change in address or even addition of family members. They can also view payslips online. HR can also share company phone listings, HR policies or handbook also.

  • eIndividual Report (IR8A viewing)

  • eLeave
    Employees can view their leave entitlements and apply leave online. With the automated multi-tier leave approval by email, managers can approve, reject or request employees to make amendments on their leave application.

  • eClaim
    Employees are able to view their benefits such as medical claim entitlements. They can also submit their claims online and routed to their approving managers.

  • eTraining
    Managers can schedule training courses for employees and they can then accept these pre-planned training via email. In addition, they can also apply ad-hoc training courses online.

  • eAppraisal
    HR can design the Appraisal form using our Form Designer Tool. Employees can then fill up the approval online. Upon completion, Managers can comment, respond or feedback with necessary action.

  • eFacility
    Facilitates the booking of all facilities including meeting rooms, vehicles, AV equipment and many more.

  • eTime Sheet
    Employees can enter their OT information online upon approval, these OT hours can be imported back to payroll for payment.

  • eRecruitment
    Facilitates the posting of positions available online. Candidates can the enter their personnel details and submit to the company for considerations