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  Core Module

Optimize business operation efficiencies via integrated human capital management.
EasyPay Core Module allows you to manage the personal information of each of your current and terminated employees including addresses, contact numbers, family members, education, employment status and bank information. You can easily track employees’ salary progression, career progression and contracts progression.

Automation Function reduces data entry and errors
You no longer need to track PR status manually. With EasyPay, PR status is automatically track and CPF contribution is calculated accordingly. With the built in automation function, EasyPay enables auto assignment of pay packages, benefits and items issued to different groups of employees. You can also reduce data entry in the application by setting defaults for your fields in Core Module, hence, information will be automatically fill in when you have a new hire. All you need is to make the necessary amendments as you go along. Together with the EasyPay Alert Function, emails will be sent out to designated group of employees when employees’ work permits are due for renewal or even upcoming birthdays.