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  Payroll & income tax module

Streamline payroll process to by eliminating unnecessary double entries
Streamline by reducing double data entry during the data collection phase. Using the Import Designer facility, it allows you to import payroll data directly from Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet. Now, you no longer need to enter twice for OT & Shift entitlements from your Time Management System or manually enter allowances, deductions and reimbursements consolidated by other departments or any other existing systems.

Flexible and Simple to create OT, Shift & Pay Elements
Enhanced OT & Shift tables allow you to create unlimited daily, hourly, fixed OT rates and shift frequencies. You can even set minimum and maximum capping to OT. With the system wizards, you can create different types of unlimited allowances, deductions and reimbursements may it be a fixed recurring amount, loan, ad-hoc pay element which is formulated or tabulated.

Save time with easy and flexible payroll processing
Payroll processing is simplified with wizards and complete with 4 types of payroll processing, namely Normal Pay, Advance Pay, Bonus Pay and Other Pay where you can run each type of Payroll up to 4 times a week. In cases where you are not sure how much bonus to give, you can run as many trial bonus runs. EasyPay Payroll module also enables you to effective track MVC, back pay and activate pay suspension.

Leave the statutory compliance to us
Trying to keep updated with the frequent changes on the statutory requirements all the time? We do not expect our users to catch the news to be updated. Instead, you can be assured of continuous support and compliance to statutory requirements from us via newsletters and updates of the system. On top of the standard compliance, you can also enjoy privileges that had been established with various government agencies such as auto inclusion to IRAS and direct auto submission facility to NS and CPF.

Administer salary & pay elements in multi-currency
You can now even administer salary & pay elements in multi-currencies and have it converted in SGD for payroll and IRAS processing.