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Payslips printing is part of our standard function in EasyPay Payroll Module. You can customize your global payslip message or have it as an individual employees' message wising them a happy birthday, happy holidays or welcoming them abroad. EasyPay allows you to keep unlimited pay history, enabling you to retrieve payslips of any historic year and month anytime you require them.

Pre-seal Pay Envelopes
Our customers have choices in payslip formats that suit your unique needs. We provide 3-ply pre-seal dot matrix pay envelopes available in 9.5 x 4 inches and 9.5 x 5.5 inches. We also specially designed our pay envelopes in A4 size to facilitate customers using desk top printers. To find out more about the pre-seal envelopes, please click here.

EasyPay ePayslip
Using the EasyPay ePayslip, payroll administrators can now easily send secure password-encrypted payslips to employees anywhere in the world via email. To further enhance the security aspects of email payslips, we provide various encoding methods for your selection. You can also put in your company logo and even add in header and footer message into your payslips. You can also make use of this module to send specific HR or Payroll reports to specific employees or management for their reference.