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The Employment Act Changes
What To Watch Out For In Payroll Processing?
Making Bonus Easy with Easy Pay

Year End IR8A workshop

Year End IR8A Hands-on Training

Briefing Session on New september 2011 CPF Rates with Easy Pay Enterprise

Essentials of Payroll Administration

Essentials of Payroll Administration & Company Compliance
TMS Appreciation Seminar

Essentials of Payroll Administration


Workshops & Seminars
1st April 2016 (Friday)

SME Conference

30th March 2016 (Wednesday)

Heartland Enterprise Seminar

21st January 2016 (Thursday)

Updates on Itemised Payslips & KET Event

3rd December 2015 (Thursday)

EPE Bonus & Year-end Workshop

19th November 2015 (Thursday)

FMAS & MOM Event

18th November 2015 (Wednesday)

SME Centre Event

1st September 2015 (Tuesday)

SME Centre Event

21st August 2015 (Friday)

2nd SME Centre Conference

22nd April 2015 (Wednesday)

EPE booth @ Frontier Singapore