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Useful articles on HR and Payroll in Singapore
11 February 2021

AIS Employment Income Submission Dealine: 1 March 2021


Employers with 6 or more employees or who have received the “Notice to File Employment Income Of Employees Electronically under the Auto-Inclusion Scheme (AIS)” are required to submit their employees' employment income details to IRAS by 1 March 2021.


Manual-submission method

Although employers are encouraged to adopt HR Management & Payroll software to complete the submission, if you are not using one, you can still submit employees’ employment income records at myTax Portal by Inland Revenue Authority Of Singapore (IRAS).

You can refer to the following guideline to submit Employment Income Records at myTax Portal.



Auto-submission through WhyzeHR software

WhyzeHR HR Management and Payroll software helps to streamline the submission procedures. Below outlines the steps you need to take note of.  


Before income tax processing

  • Make sure employee details are up to date (especially Residential Address)
  • Verify that pay items are mapped to the correct tax classification

During income tax processing

  • Modify and verify employees’ tax assessment records IR8A, IR8S, Appendix 8A (Benefits-in-kind), or Appendix 8B (gains from employee stock option and shares) if applicable

Submit income tax

  • Print or publish completed tax forms to employees in ESS (Employee Self Service portal)
  • eSubmit employment income records to IRAS from WhyzeHR directly 


With the seamless integration of both Payroll and Income Tax modules, WhyzeHR is able to capture total employment income throughout the year of assessment. This helps HR personnel to greatly reduce the time spent on manually filling in the income tax forms as well as prevent inaccuracy caused by human error.


Contact us (6838 0161) to find out more about WhyzeHR HR & Payroll system or email your enquiry to


If you are using WhyzeHR and require help to complete the submission, feel free to contact our Support Helpdesk at 6838 0161 or email to