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9 April 2019

Extended Childcare Leave


Knowing the difference between child care leave and extended child care leave is critical in planning our leaves efficiently. This allows us to care for our child in the event that they are unwell. 

As an employer, it is important to know the kinds of leaves that our employees are entitled to. This ensures that while we are providing the appropriate amount of staff benefits, we will also be reimbursed accordingly.


Childcare Leave Extended Childcare Leave

Number of Days

6 2

Age of youngest* child

Below 7 years old Between 7-12 years old, inclusive

Number of days reimbursed

A maximum of 3 days (4th to 6th day) Both days

Reimbursement from goverment

$500 a day $500 a day


*Note that leave benefits are not cumulative, but is based on your youngest child’s age instead. Also, your child’s age is solely determined by the year your child was born in. 


How to apply?
As an employee:


Ensure that you have not exceeded the maximum days of childcare leave applicable


Give your employer early notice of your leave arrangement.


Submit your declaration form (GPCL1) to your employer with all the necessary supporting documents.  

Employers may have different methods or systems for you to submit the declaration form. Please check with your employer.


Apply for child care leave with respect to your employer’s leave application procedures. 










As an employer


Obtain the declaration form (GPCL1) and supporting documents from your employee. You may also use WhyzeHR to generate this form.


Submit your employee's claims online via the GPL Portal no later than 3 months after the last day of the 12-month relevant period.


Log in to GPL Portal to check your application status. A notification will be sent to you and your employee once your application is processed.








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