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Useful articles on HR and Payroll in Singapore
29 September 2021

How to analyze HR data with Microsoft Power BI?


You can use Power BI Desktop with IMDA’s Better Data Driven Business (BDDB) to analyze data from your WhyzeHR.

Microsoft Power BI is great tool for analyzing your HR data together with other business data such as sales, new customers acquisition, customer retention and inventory cost.  


For businesses that are not familiar with Power BI, Singapore’s IMDA provides an easy to use Power BI template for SMEs. IMDA’s BDDB programme aims to support two types of SMEs, those that are starting to learn to use data to generate insights, and those that seek to apply and share data for more complex purposes.


Through BDDB, learn how to:


  • Collect necessary data safely;
  • Combine data across systems with adequate protections; and
  • Share data externally with partners and suppliers safely, in line with the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) obligations.


You can use WhyzeHR to export a compatible transaction file that can be loaded directly on IMDA BDDB tool.


Contact us (6838 0161 or to find out how WhyzeHR system can help you get more insight from your HR data.