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10 June 2022

How to check if a phone call or email you receive from IRAS is genuine?


Received call or email from “IRAS” on you overpaying tax and getting a tax refund?


There are reports of scam cases involving scammers impersonating as IRAS officers by calling or sending email to get personal information.


The scam email, spoofing the domain and signed off using IRAS’ email signature, prompts recipients for personal information like bank account, work permit number, address and contact.


"IRAS will never disclose taxpayers’ tax amount in unauthenticated emails," IRAS wrote. "We will also not solicit any confidential information or your credit card/bank account details by email or over the phone. Taxpayers are advised to transact with IRAS for their tax matters through using Singpass login.” 


Here are some tips to avoid getting scammed: 


  • Delete suspicious emails asking for personal details or login credentials, especially those involving the use of Singpass.
  • Do not download any attached files in suspicious emails.
  • Do not click on hyperlinks in suspicious emails.
  • Never disclose your bank account detail, password or OTP to others.
  • Use IRAS Check First ( to check  if the phone number is geniune. 


For more details, refer to IRAS Advisory on Scam & Fraudulent Activities