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Useful articles on HR and Payroll in Singapore
5 October 2018

How to choose a payroll software for your business?


When running a business, you often prioritize satisfying your customer needs and making sure that you get paid as the most important aspect of your business. The last thing to cross your mind is going to be payroll software and employee management.

Today’s payroll software does more than managing payroll of your employees. Localized Singapore payroll software can help you keep track of your local and foreign employees, automate income tax IR8A filing, streamline leave and claim application process, submit CPF at a click of a button, and so much more.

With the trend of going to the cloud, it also means that you are no longer confined to the corporate building where your server is located to use the payroll software. Now you can bring HR management anywhere you go, and do it anytime on your computer, smartphone or a tablet.  

If you are reading this, you are most probably already aware that managing your employees by a paper filing system or using a spreadsheet can be very challenging and time-consuming. Moreover, one simple mistake can be replicated over and over again, which could cause a major headache very quickly. Using payroll software can free up a vast amount of time by automating and collating the information you need accurately and swiftly.

While you may think that choosing cheaper payroll software by another country may be very tempting. But, what is always overlooked is localization of the software. Thus, it brings back the point which has been mentioned earlier on about the benefits you can get from localized payroll software.

Whyze Solutions provides payroll and HR applications that are simple to use (and yet extremely powerful) designed with the Singapore market in mind. Our payroll software for Singapore does more than accurate CPF submission and IR8A filing. In fact, it goes deeper into fulfilling the nuances of latest Singapore legislation requirements that involve aspects such as employee contributions to Self-Help Groups, payment for Skills Development Fund and Foreign Worker Levy, tax clearance IR21 for resigning foreign workers, and as well as claim reimbursement for Government-Paid Leaves.

Another crucial consideration you must make before purchasing any software is its compatibility with your existing business ecosystem. Whyze Solutions payroll software features a risk-free import and export system that allows you to migrate your data from other applications, whilst retaining the ability to export your information in order to pass it on to accountants or government agencies.

What differentiates Whyze Solutions from other payroll and HR software vendors is the customer support service that we provide. Ensuring customer satisfaction is in our DNA. We hand-hold our customers throughout their journey, from migration of data, implementation and configuration of system, and to beyond system goes live. You can be rest assured that your enquiries whether about the software or HR related issues will be responded and resolved promptly.  

Contact us now to learn more about our payroll software.