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4 June 2018

How to submit CPF with payroll software?



With Whyze payroll software, you submit your Central Provident Fund (CPF) monthly contribution via CPF e-Submit@web.

After you have checked through the payroll figures on Whyze payroll software, you can generate a submission file. The submission file is type of “.DTL” file that CPF can recognize.

The following outlines the steps involved:

     1. Save the “.DTL” file to your computer.
     2. Go to CPF website for Employer.
     3. Choose “CPF e-Submit”. 
     4. Key in your company’s CPF Submission Number.
     5. Login using your SingPass. 6. Choose “CPF e-Submit@web (FTP)”.
     7. Browse for the “.DTL” file that you have saved earlier.
     8. Choose either Direct Debit or eNets.
     9. CPF submission have been completed. You can print or save a copy of the on-screen acknowledgement.

If you would like more detailed steps, you can refer to the User Guides uploaded to Whyze payroll software. You are also welcome to contact Whyze support team for assistance too.