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Useful articles on HR and Payroll in Singapore
17 July 2019

Labour Market Survey

The MOM Labour Market Survey is conducted 4 times a year, and the respondents are randomly selected by computer. Every company of similar size within a particular industry has an equal chance of being selected. 

The data is used by the government to monitor the labour market and to review and formulate policies on the workforce and related matters.

The data is also available for companies to gain insights to Singapore’s labour market. More details can be found at

With WhyzeHR software, you can have the Labour Market Survey easily generated. The following outlets the steps involved: 

1. Login to WhyzeHR as HR user
2. Go to Basic HR -> Report
3. Choose MOM Survey, making sure the correct months are selected. 
4. Click Generate

If you would like to understand more, you are welcome to contact Whyze support team for assistance.